ThinkLogic Media Group can help curate the best B2B content for sponsored articles to boost your brand demand and leads. The target audience of our sponsored articles includes C-suite, directors, VPs, and senior business and technology managers. With sponsored articles, we bring your brand to the front seat for B2B readers to read.


Our editors have been developing a wide array of digital content in the technology industry. ThinkLogic has vast experience in content development and our trusted media sites have the best editorial teams, working together to curate, enhance, and update the best digital content for sponsored articles around various B2B tech-based topics.


With sponsored articles, Readers or Buyers are kept updated and able to craft the right strategies for their cybersecurity, digital transformation, and marketing technology implementation plans. We are able to track readers’ behavior on our tech media sites and serve relevant content to them, which will eventually lead to becoming sales opportunities for clients.



  • Cyberthreat Landscape, Risk Management, Cyber Terrorism, Software Development Lifecycle Security, Network & Infrastructure, Security, Malware and Ransomware, Cyber Warfare, and White, Black, and Grey Hat Hackers

  • Data Privacy, Mobile Security, Website protection, Security trends & developments, Data Breaches, Network Security, Cyber Intelligence, Security awareness & education, Information Security, IoT Security, Identity theft & online fraud

  • Cybersecurity strategies, Data Protection, Cloud Security, Cyber Forensics, Cybersecurity training & certification, Governance & Compliance, Critical Infrastructure Protection, Email security


  • e-Payments, Cloud Strategies, Smart Cities, Internet of Everything, FSI, Innovations & Fintech, Mobile Strategies, Intelligent Enterprises, Future of Work, Digital Marketing, Data Management & Analytics, Cashless Societies

  • Human-machine collaboration, Emerging Digital Technologies, Customer Strategies, Corporate Innovation Culture, Future Workplace, Supply Chain & Logistics, Application Development & DevOps

  • Digital Transformation for SMEs, e-Commerce, Employee Experience, The Experience Economy, Future of Travel, Everything-as-a-Service, Industry 4.0 Journeys, Interconnectivity & Cybersecurity


  • AdTech: Advertising, Display Advertising, Programmatic Advertising, AdNetworks, Ad Exchange, Programmatic Ad Buying, Dynamic Creative Optimisation, Header Bidding, Demand-side Platform, Supply-side Platform, Data Management Platform, Creative Management Platform

  • Marketing Intelligence: Marketing Automation, Marketing Intelligence, Marketing Clouds, Predictive Marketing, Marketing Tools, Marketing Strategy

  • Analytics & Data: Data Management Platforms, Tag Management, Analytics Tools, Data Protection Regulations, Leadership & Management, Martech Strategy, Event Management

  • Social Media: Social Media, Search Engine Marketing, Search Engine Optimization

  • Content Marketing: Video Marketing, Machine Learning, Email Marketing, AR VR Content Management Platforms, AI

  • Sales Tech: Lead Generation, Customer Relationship Management, Account-based Marketing

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