ThinkLogic Media Group acknowledges the importance of engagement by conducting a fireside chat. Fireside chats benefit our clients in many ways, positioning their brands as thought leaders.


ThinkLogic employs a highly knowledgeable and skilled team of fireside moderators. We arrange or organize fireside chats in the form of informal webinars. Our marketing team runs digital promotion, such as banner ads, EDM blasts, electronic newsletters, and social media publications to attract attendees for our clients’ fireside chats.

We also run digital promotions on our tech media sites, either,, or Our fireside chat moderators assist speakers and attendees to come together and freely discuss technology-related subjects, such as digital transformation, cybersecurity, and marketing technology.


A fireside chat is a naturally-flowing conversation or informal, structured interview that provides a unique opportunity to unleash the speaker’s personal ideas and stories.

With ThinkLogic’s fireside chat, we help:

  • ON-BOARD MORE HIGH-PROFILE SPEAKERS: Fireside chats attract APAC business leaders because they don’t have to spend hours drafting speeches or slide presentations. 
  • PROVIDE RELEVANT CONTENT TO TARGET AUDIENCE: Because fireside chats have a question-answer (Q&A) format, attendees are prompt to think of relevant tech questions and tune in for the best answers from IT and business leaders.
  • BRING OUR CLIENTS CLOSER TO THEIR PROSPECTS: A fireside chat can help create an intimate bond between the guest speaker and the audience, wherein both can relate to each other and find a common ground for engagement and doing business.

  • ATTRACT LEADS: Because holding fireside chats increases engagement rates, this strategy can attract more leads for our tech clients. They’ll have more prospects who are more likely to avail their products and services because of the relationship they built during the informal webinar or fireside chat.


Fireside chat can help generate more leads and drive your revenue while giving your audience what they want and need to know through engaging, naturally-flowing conversation. If you wish to attain this goal for your enterprise, sign up now!

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