How does your tech brand leave an impact on digital media? Sponsored videos, or client videos hosted on a marketing platform under a sponsorship deal or paid video promotion, have a greater impact on viewers. They are more persuasive than a straight sales pitch, wherein tech B2B companies can immensely benefit from this strategy.


ThinkLogic hosts client-sponsored videos across its tech media sites, including DigiconAsia.net, CybersecAsia.net, and MartechAsia.net. These tech media sites represent various technology platforms, which are digital transformation, cybersecurity, and marketing technology respectively.

We have hosted many sponsored videos across its tech media sites. Our expert editorial and marketing teams create and find content opportunities and implement effective marketing tactics to promote sponsored videos across its tech media sites to grow your audience and generate an increase in demand for your tech solutions.

If you have several B2B tech ad videos you want to host online, ThinkLogic can help you choose the best tech media site platform for your target audience to see it. Our expert editorial and marketing teams can also help in choosing the best videos that can represent your tech products and services, aligned with the perfect landing page or content that will likely generate more demand for your solutions.


IMPROVE BRAND AWARENESS: Hosting your videos to a reliable and established B2B technology platform will help your tech company promote your solutions to a broader target audience, increasing people’s awareness of your products and services.

BOOST B2B ENGAGEMENT: B2B decision-makers are busy people. For this reason, the best way to engage with them is through visuals by sponsoring videos on trusted technology websites, like ThinkLogic’s tech media sites.

BOOST DEMAND GENERATION: Unlock your maximum B2B brand demand generation potential by hosting sponsored videos on a platform where your target leads are online. In this way, you can engage with more potential leads and win more sales for your B2B tech company.

Host your B2B brand videos on ThinkLogic’s tech media powerhouse sites to make your tech solutions stand out from the rest. Signup with us now!

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