Most companies in Asia make use of video on demand to capture buyer intent. Because videos and other visual information presentations promote convenient and interactive learning, tech-based companies can market their solutions to target prospects more effectively.

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ThinkLogic Media Group can curate the most appropriate and effective VOD content to promote your tech brand. We can create targeted, informative, and impactful VOD content suitable for your audience. Our editorial team collaborates with industry experts to get insights into today’s emerging topics to raise audience awareness and promote well-informed decision-making.

Our editors have been developing a wide array of digital content in the technology industry. They have vast experience in content development, demand generation marketing, and launching several portals and media publications for top media organizations in the Asia Pacific. Our editorial team is an expert in curating video on-demand content, case studies, news articles, feature stories, analysis, and more for the broad technology audience in Asia.

ThinkLogic empowers your leads and customers through VOD content to bring more incredible demand generation velocity to your enterprise. Launching your VOD greatly informs your target audience how your solutions can solve their problems and why your services are worth their investment. ThinkLogic specializes in the following VOD content areas:

  • Cybersecurity
  • Digital Transformation
  • Marketing Technology


ThinkLogic Media Group can help you in launching your video on demand (VOD) to enable users to access your tech-related videos through the internet or over-the-air without using a traditional video playback device.

Video on demand provides the following benefits:

  • BETTER AUDIENCE REACH: By partnering with a top-notch media group, you can broaden your audience reach tenfold and beyond.

  • BOOST MULTI-FUNNEL LEADS: This marketing strategy tends to draw more attention than text-based content, nurturing and acquiring multi-funnel leads.

  • ESTABLISH THOUGHT LEADERSHIP: VODs are very effective especially when the personalities involved are the most respected industry leaders and the topics are on-point with the client’s needs.

  • INCREASE AWARENESS: Video on demand helps drive your target audience’s awareness of your tech solutions by giving potential clients quick and accessible insightful ideas through videos.


Video on demand content is a rapidly growing marketing scope for advertisers. Fuelling investment in VOD content strategies can drive revenue while giving your audience what they want and need to know through engaging and quality content. If you wish to attain this goal for your enterprise, contact us now!

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