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In business-to-business (B2B) marketing, gamification deploys various interactive, engaging, informative, and psychology-based gaming solutions for generating leads. The primary purpose of gamification is to silo each client’s intent based on the behaviour when playing B2B games online.
Gamification becomes the forefront of lead generation. It is now gradually shifting static, traditional ways of generating leads. The biggest brands in the world are implementing gamification because of its incredible domino-effect rewards.

Below are the key benefits of gamification.


    Gamification is a trend in business-to-customer or B2C marketing, which is also applicable in B2B. Some examples include lucky draws, spin a wheel, quizzes, puzzles, and fun mobile games.


    Gamification digs deeper into human psychology, which helps enhance the buyer’s journey. 


    Win the race by gearing up your B2B marketing engine with gamification strategies. Drive your online traffic, engagement, and B2B relations to the next level by using gamification data to understand your clients and create personalised, target, and on-point sales pitches.


    Adopting the gamification in B2B may seem incompatible because the target audience involves account executives, marketing managers, analysts, and C-suites. However, gamification harnesses more relevant and targeted lead data that the sales team can use to win sales.

ThinkLogic Media Group is the pioneer of B2B gamification in Asia. We have the best minds in creating the most suitable gamification strategies for B2B companies in the region. Our data shows mind-blowing realizations that wow our clients. We identify the ones who engage and interact with the content to identify potential opportunities for the client. Based on how they respond to our qualification questions or criteria, we categorize them according to buyer stage (Awareness = Top of Funnel, Consideration = Middle Funnel or Bottom Funnel, Decision = Bottom Funnel).  

ThinkLogic gamification strategies can dramatically drive your lead generation rate to optimal speed. Our expertise and experience in data science, artificial intelligence (AI), content solutions, and other lead generation methodologies are unbeatable. We promise big, but we do bigger than our clients expect to give them the biggest number of leads through our gamification solution.

Gamification with the right target audience provides useful data. It makes monitoring and reporting better while promoting effective audience engagement with your tech brand. ThinkLogic can help you design, develop, test, execute and optimise your media gamification campaign as your ultimate one-stop marketing partner. 

We have developed a gamification lead generation workflow, the very first in the Asia Pacific. Gamified content improves your sales and marketing funnel with “engaging” heightened interaction to create greater brand relationships than traditional strategies. We treat gamification as a long-term marketing strategy, frequently undergoing optimizations to ensure relevance to the emerging needs of the tech B2B market.

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We want to tell you the biggest secrets of gamification that never fail to surprise our clients. Do you want to know how gamification can work for you? Send us a message below!

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