In a fast-evolving threat and technology landscape, cybersecurity together with digital transformation has become a top-of-mind issue at the Board and C-suite levels for organizations across all industry sectors in the Asia Pacific region.


Along with the pressing need to transform businesses to meet customer and stakeholder demands in the digital economy, history has shown that organizations cannot treat cybersecurity as an afterthought in their quest to transformation.

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Digital transformation is a top-of-mind issue at the Board and C-suite levels for organizations across all industry sectors in the Asia Pacific region.

Central to the transformation that has taken hold of organizations in the digital economy – where data is the currency and apps are the engines of digital enterprises – are the advances in financial, e-payment, cloud, mobile and data management technologies.

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The world has witnessed a Martech boom over the last decade and has streamlined the industry in multiple ways, bringing in efficiency and scalability in marketing activities like never before. Asia is one of the fastest growing regions of the world and the businesses in this region have also embraced the Martech revolution.

However, there has been a gap in the market in terms of a credible hub of information where all things related to Martech could be found under one url in Asia.

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What Is It Like to Work at ThinkLogic Media Group?

At ThinkLogic Media Group, we welcome diversity. We proactively recruit talents from all backgrounds. Our goal is to foster an inclusive and respectful workplace where our employees are free to provide their insights, ideas, and suggestions to improve our services better. 

ThinkLogic invests in personal development and career growth by providing regular coaching, meeting, and training. We want to keep all our employees well adept at the latest trends, updates, and news about demand generation and other strategies to provide the best services to our clients. 

We acknowledge and reward our top-performing and loyal employees by launching awards ceremonies and recognition parties. Our employees deserve to experience celebrating their achievements and career milestones that make a big contribution to the success of ThinkLogic. 

Our headquarter is located in Singapore and we work hard to meet our clients’ demand generation needs and expectations by hiring in-house and remote team members. We strive our best to provide a fun, meaningful, satisfactory, healthy, and safe environment for our employees across all work settings.