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Neo@Ogilvy – IBM Case Study

IBM Spectrum Scale, formerly known as ‘General Parallel File System before’ before IBM’s rebranding of several of its storage product lineup, is a high-performance clustered file system solution designed for server and cloud storage use. It seamlessly integrates analytics and big data operations with archiving, which gives companies better insights into the data they process.

IBM Spectrum Scale is a highly-technical product, in a sense that it is intended to be installed, configured, and maintained by IT personnel with access to or have a top-level deciding authority on their company’s storage infrastructure.

Neo@Ogilvy planned IBM ’s marketing campaign across multiple channels and regions for this solution. Being experts in the APAC technology sector, ThinkLogic PTE Ltd was chosen by Neo@Ogilvy to target key IT decision makers and recommenders and generate high quality sales qualified leads.

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