In the technology business-to-business (B2B) industry, webinars serve as a form of engagement activity in nurturing multi-funnel leads.


At ThinkLogic, we bring you exclusive webinar services that make us highly reliable for excellent peer to peer engagement strategies. Through our webinar practices, we help you connect with the pioneers of technology and the business world. Our clients can explore an amazing range of webinar events available at our media sites, which include CybersecAsia.net, DigiconAsia.net, and MartechAsia.net, that concentrate on cybersecurity, digital transformation, and marketing technology respectively.


  • Event RSVP
  • Digital event promotion on Thinklogic’s media site/s
  • Event hosting
  • Event moderation
  • Post event promotion

Campaign turnaround time : 7 Weeks minimum


In a webinar, resource speakers deliver their presentations to a target audience who participate using available interactive tools. The primary purpose of a tech B2B webinar is to present engaging, informative, and relevant topics to prospective clients, consisting of C-suites, account executives, directors, and other B2B stakeholders. Webinars also serve as a marketing strategy to promote technology solutions by following up on attendees or participants through questions, surveys, polls, or emails that seek additional collaboration.

Panel discussions gather a group of like-minded people in front of an audience to discuss technology-based topics. Virtual panel discussions are now the hallmark of modern tech corporate events and conferences.

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