Case Study

Oracle Event RSVP Case Study

Oracle is a multinational software and technology company with a focus on enterprise computing solutions. Their scope in the industry is wide, with their products revolving around servers, workstations, storage devices, database management systems, and business applications.

During the first quarter of 2017, Oracle intended to generate awareness and fill its sales funnel for one of their enterprise products with leads from Southeast Asia. They identified Malaysia, Indonesia, and Singapore as the ideal markets for this campaign and then organized executive networking seminars across all three countries to meet their goals.

ThinkLogic PTE Ltd. came as an integral part of this solution awareness equation as it specializes in generating demand from the Asia Pacific region.

Shortly after an in-depth consultation of their campaign requirements, ThinkLogic briefly began contacting Chief Financial Officers, Finance Directors, and Heads and Vice Presidents of Finance who are prospective attendees of the event.

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