Security is a vital element in establishing a good business reputation, which security leaders, marketers, and lead generation companies in Asia all strive to maintain. With the rapid shift in cloud services and hybrid or remote work settings, CEOs, account managers, directors, and marketers are becoming greatly concerned about ransomware, malware, and other forms of cybersecurity attacks. But how should an APAC enterprise market in a cybersecurity-driven world?


Strengthen your marketing strategies and cybersecurity by collaborating with key investors, partners, and other stakeholders. According to Srinivasan CR, the Chief Digital Officer of Tata Communications, cloud security is a shared responsibility, needing a comprehensive ecosystem approach.

With the shared responsibility model in the Asia Pacific region, cloud service providers are securing the networking, data center facilities, software, and hardware. On the other hand, APAC enterprises need to manage and align security mandates such as protecting access, network traffic, applications, and endpoints. Businesses also need to procure the best security controls, monitor security incidents, and adhere to marketing security regulations, such as the General Data Protection Regulation or GDPR.


The application of various marketing campaigns or omnichannel campaigns is apparent in Asia. Mediaocean, an omnichannel advertising platform, announced that they would acquire Flashtalking, an independent ad management platform. This agreement represents a US$200 billion worth of advertising technology platform in annual media spend and more than 1 trillion ad impressions monthly.

The best-in-class solutions of Flashtalking for identity management, creative personalization, primary ad serving, and verification is infused with the modern system of Mediaocean, utilized by the leading brands in the world. The unified ad technology platform provides a more secure avenue for enterprises to promote their products and services in APAC’s cybersecurity market.


Outsourcing digital marketing campaigns, including lead generation, is effective and efficient. Outsourcing reduces the burden of supervising additional employees and allocating resources to overhead costs instead of hiring more in-house marketers.

Finding a brand generation partner can help companies in Asia focus on the core of their operations, entrusting their lead generation tactics in the hands of experts, such as ThinkLogic Media Group. In this way, you can have peace of mind knowing that your marketing data is protected and nurtured.


Media syndication is a form of content syndication with greater authority and credibility because of the participation of reputable media outlets. For instance, ThinkLogic Media Group has several media partners, which help in clients’ content distribution and media marketing.

When your prospect leads see that your APAC enterprise is published in reputable media outlets, their cybersecurity concern diminishes. You’ll be able to establish your brand’s market influence, thought leadership, and online presence simultaneously. It means more people will trust your brand, especially C-suite level position clients.


ThinkLogic Media Group is an online media company that helps enterprise technology solution providers grow by driving demand and awareness in Asia Pacific. Our solutions include omnichannel, holistic, and agile approaches to ensure compliance with cybersecurity regulations while gaining qualified leads for our clients.

Our solutions comply with strict industry standards to safeguard your data and ensure prompt delivery of your marketing message to your intended audience. We provide a vast range of demand generation solutions such as the following:
the following:

  • Demand Generation
  • Content Solutions
  • Events
  • Advertising
  • Interactive Engagement

ThinkLogic Media Group upholds the GDPR directive. We ensure your data is not used for other purposes without your authorization or consent under the GDPR law. We ensure your data protection with our proven solutions as you entrust your data to us for lead generation purposes. Since lead generation services involve using forms and other online media avenues for subscribers and clients, we ensure that all collection points are GDPR compliant.

We employ and train the most trusted individuals to handle your data and use leading technologies to access, store, process, and analyze your data to avoid breaches. In addition, we have established our GDPR policies and procedures to ascertain the rights of our clients. We obtain consent when acquiring and processing data and implement security measures while doing so.


Lead generation and digital marketing in a cybersecurity-driven world can be challenging. Your APAC enterprise will reach and even go beyond greater heights through collaboration, omnichannel marketing strategies, and media syndication. The same is true with engagement campaigns and outsourcing lead generation strategies.