Tech company trends in Asia revolve around cybersecurity, marketing technology, and digital transformation. In B2B lead generation involving tech-based purchases, ThinkLogic Media Group, an online media company that helps enterprise technology solution providers grow by driving demand and awareness in Asia Pacific, understands that the Asia Pacific region is a promising market. The COVID-19 pandemic crisis in 2020 drastically changed the information technology or IT purchase landscape in Asia, making companies more receptive to embracing innovation. But what changed in the tech purchase process in the region?


Tech company trends in Asia include mergers and acquisitions that hit a record high in the Asia Pacific region, targeting technology companies. Dealmakers expect continuous mergers and acquisitions even after the pandemic or the new normal. Economic shift to virtual activities became a staple part of digital transformation with US$482.4 billion worth of M&A transactions, the highest share recorded in a decade.

APAC enterprises invest in technology to ensure possessing the necessary scale to stay on top of the game. Senior executives in APAC predict tech deals will rise significantly in the next 12 months, with media, telecoms, and technology companies working together to explore new markets.

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The need for cybersecurity solutions significantly grew as organizations and enterprises shifted to cloud solutions and hybrid work setups, making it one of the tech company trends in Asia. Cyber-attacks such as ransomware and malware are becoming a major source of concern. The cybersecurity market in the region is expected to register a compound annual growth rate or CAGR of 18.3% (2021 to 2026). What does this mean for cybersecurity solution companies?

Cybersecurity solution providers should work double the time to take advantage of the emerging needs of APAC enterprises. Seeking the expertise of a lead generation company can help cybersecurity providers gain leads. A demand generation agency can help enterprises detect, monitor, manage, and report cyber threats to maintain data protection and privacy.


APAC companies fuel investments in marketing technology in the new normal. Marketing technology trends include chatbots, artificial intelligence, experiential marketing, personalization, and live streaming. If your enterprise offers anything related to these marketing technology trends, then it’s about time to accelerate your lead-generation strategies.

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The tech company trends and purchase landscape in Asia are changing, which means that more and more companies are more interested to hear out your sales pitches and marketing campaigns. APAC companies want to avail of technological solutions for cybersecurity, marketing technology, and digital transformation. Therefore, working with a lead generation company in Asia, like ThinkLogic Media Group, is an intelligent business decision.